Not So Random Software #27 – Business Value

Hello everyone and welcome back to Not So Random Software! This week I am thinking about business value and what are the signals we should listen to in order to maximize it over time. In Agile we start with business value as presented in the manifesto: Our highest priority is to satisfy the customer through […]

Not So Random Software #22 – Mechanical keyboards

Hello there, welcome back to Not So Random Software! This week I am taking advantage of the long Easter weekend to wander outside my comfort zone in the world of… mechanical keyboards! Two years ago I started feeling a persistent wrist pain (potential carpal tunnel) which resulted in the need of a split keyboard. I […]

Not So Random Software #20 – Coupling and Cohesion

Hello there! This week I am thinking about coupling and cohesion; two seemingly simple but incredibly effective metrics to design systems both in the small and in the large. As usual, I am going to randomly pick some resources on this topic I have been reading over time, hope you enjoy! A random article or […]

Not So Random Software #19 – Autonomous Teams

Hello there! This week I am going to explore the relationship between roles and responsibilities both in Software end Teams. Hope you enjoy the ride! A random article or paper Conway’s law original paper In 1967 Melvin E. Conway submitted a paper called “How Do Committees Invent?” to the Harvard Business Review. HBR rejected it […]