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Not So Random Software #1 – Data

I have been trying to write longer articles lately, which obviously means things take longer. On the other hand I would like to share what I have been thinking about more often and get your feedback. So I am starting this Not So Random Software newsletter. Let me know if you find the content helpful!

Random tool

I have been looking for solution to manage my SQL queries at scale lately. Dataform is a framework for managing SQL based data operations in your warehouse. If you want to put your queries under version control, make them reusable and test them, this might be for you.

Random video/podcast

I have been thinking about the concept of velocity and some of the common misunderstanding around it. I prefer to think about velocity as a capacity estimator first, so why not just call it capacity? Related videos #noestimates and How to Tell Your Boss Story Points Are a Terrible Metric

Random article

I have been thinking about data management quite a lot lately. Went to Big Data London looking for ideas on analytics strategy. Two links worth sharing I found in the process The Startup Founder’s Guide to Analytics and Cloud Data Management Book.

Random book

Algorithms to Live By: The Computer Science of Human Decisions demonstrates how you can think about your daily challenges using the lens of computer science wisdom. Eye opening.

Random quote

Measurement: A quantitatively expressed reduction of uncertainty based on one or more observations.

Hubbard, Douglas W.. How to Measure Anything (p. 31). Wiley.

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